Valentine’s Day

Sometimes as a parent, you just need to tell your children “no”. However, I just couldn’t do it. I should of, but I couldn’t.

You see, for the last couple of years, I have fixed Ruthie’s hair for Valentine’s Day.

She had asked if I could fix it just like I did last year –

 a hugs and kisses hairdo.
Created with braids and a sock bun
Original idea from:

The problem?

I worked today, which means we all had to rise earlier than usual. However, I didn’t want to disappoint, Ruthie – especially not on Valentine’s Day.

So the solution was simple. We would just wake up even earlier, and fix her hair.

While, she did get up early, my hands weren’t working as quickly as I had hoped.

And there was one other small detail, I didn’t foresee. I had only fixed her hair like this one other time, and that was last year! I had forgotten some of the finer details.

I didn’t part her hair exactly right. I started the braids down a little bit lower on her head than I should have. The sock bun wouldn’t go in as tight as I would have liked.

And the clock?

It was ticking away at record speed.

The end result?

A hairdo that I was less than proud of. The “kisses” portion of the hairdo looked more like the letter “T”. And I was certain the “hugs” would fall out before lunch.

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, we were running late. SUPER late. If I hurried, I might just make it to work on time. That is, if my truck suddenly grew wings, and I could fly on in.

So, as I drove, I said my “Goodbyes and I love you”, and as I pulled into the sitter’s driveway, I followed it with a prompt “Get out. Now!”. Because, nothing says I love you more than “Get out”, especially on Valentine’s Day!

Not exactly the morning I had envisioned.

My evening, however?


I walked into the door after a long day at work. And this is what I discovered…

Knowing they would be sound asleep, my kids left me a Valentine surprise!

The card read:
“Happy Valentine’s Day Mom
From Your Kids
Your the best Mom
Love you for ever, and ever, Amen
I give this specil threat (OK, so I am hoping that was a misspelling) for you, because you are sweet like it too
P.S. The treat is in the snowman

So the day might not of started as I had planned, but it ended beautifully.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Only At My House,




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