Truly Only At My House

There are some things that I know for certain only happens at my house.

I was beginning to prepare supper when I looked out the kitchen window. Normally it is a beautiful view.

Now, this picture was taken quite some time ago, and I was actually standing outside when I took it…but you get the general idea. I get to see the most beautiful sunsets.

Tonight, however, the sun wasn’t setting just yet, but something else caught my eye.

We refer to the area in the picture as our pasture area. There is a fence surrounding this portion of our yard, and over the years it has housed various animals.

And we also have a dog, remember?

Ranger, the fierce Jack Russell.

If you aren’t familiar with him, perhaps you should read “Where is the Lighter?”.

His pen is separate from the pasture area, but shares a portion of the fence.

And this would be the area that caught my attention.

At first, the dog and the goat, Snowball, were checking each other out through the fence.

And then it happened. Snowball, took a few steps back, and then proceeded to run toward the fence, and ram it with his horns.

Apparently, no one has told, Ranger, that he is a small dog, and that he should be scared. No instead, he mocked the goats behavior. He rammed the fence too.

I think, Snowball, must have a short fuse, because this time he reared back and rammed the fence even harder. He even managed to get up on his rear legs when he plunged forward.

Now, I must say, Ranger’s pen is fairly large. In fact, he can actually go in the barn freely. But no. He was standing his ground. All 15 pounds of him.

The goat continued to ram the fence harder and harder, and the dog continued to do the same. Thankfully the two never collided, but I was afraid the fence wasn’t going to hold up much longer. It was taking a beating.

“Griffin, go save your dog.”

Griffin was on his way. And with that, the feud ended. Ranger, ran in the barn, and, Snowball, went on his way.

Only At My House,



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