Tough Stuff

Sometimes being the youngest in the family is tough. I have two older brothers, who would disagree, but I know this for a fact.

I was the person they used to test out their fantastic ideas. The time they shoved me into a laundry basket, which was located at the top of the stairs, comes to mind. They told me, “It’ll be just like riding a roller coaster.” Funny thing. I don’t ever remember riding a roller coaster that ejected me and left me tumbling down a flight of stairs.

And then there was the time, Mom & Dad had replaced the dryer. I am not really sure why the old one was removed in pieces, perhaps it was a failed attempt at fixing it. I do know, however, the drum of the dryer ended up on the driveway. And it wasn’t long before I was shoved in there too. My brothers, rolled the drum back and forth, until I was seeing stars.

Oh, and believe me, the list could go on and on.

Although, they would tell you I had it made, I continue to disagree. I am here to tell you, being the youngest isn’t all it is cracked up to be. I suffered numerous injuries while playing with them.

And it would appear the tradition has continued…

This Summer, Owen’s mouth met Ruthie’s foot. Ruthie’s foot won. I was told it was an “accident”. Regardless, I couldn’t make his gums stop bleeding, and his two bottom teeth were suddenly lose. These were baby teeth, but I needed some help. I tried to call our dentist. Unfortunately, I was greeted with a recording.

“We are out of the office…”

I called another office as the recording had advised. Thankfully, they agreed to see, Owen. An x-ray revealed no damage to his teeth, and actually it showed his permanent teeth were beginning to come in. He has since lost both of these teeth.

Now fast forward to last night…

The boys were playing a bit rough.

“Stop that! You need to calm down.”


Moments later, I heard, Owen, crying.

“Mom! His mouth is bleeding! It was an accident, Mom!”

Apparently, Griffin’s head met Owen’s mouth.

Here we go again. Owen, was on the losing end once more.

This time, however, it was his two upper front teeth. After holding some pressure, the bleeding stopped. Yet, just like last time, his teeth were suddenly lose. Upon inspection this morning, his gums were discolored, and he complained it hurt to eat. So, I picked up the phone, and called the dentist’s office.

“Can you come in around 9:00?”

An x-ray later, I heard the same thing as before.

“He may lose his teeth a little early, but his permanent teeth are already starting to come in.”

While both of these injuries were obviously nothing major, I stand by my word – Being the youngest in the family is tough stuff.

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