The Road to Recovery

Griffin woke up this morning feeling much better. He spent the morning sitting on the couch, watching TV. After he had been up for several hours, it became apparent – he was better, but he was worn out.

Also, today a construction crew was at our house. Currently they are working on replacing our roof, and on occasion we saw workers walk past the window.

So, with pounding over head I suggested he go to his room and try to lay down and get some much needed rest.

“These pajamas are making me hot.”

With his bedroom curtains closed, I suggested taking them off.

“I can do that? With those people here?”

“Well, yes. They can’t see you if your curtains are closed.”

And with that, my patient went to lay down. He was fast asleep very quickly despite the pounding noise.

I proceeded to give my kitchen some much needed attention while Owen played.

Now let me go back a year for a brief moment…

Owen had watched a show on TV. The characters on the show had talked about going camping. When the show was over, Owen, wanted to go camping too. So, we pulled our kitchen chairs into the living room, and with the aid of a blanket, we made a “tent”. After playing for a good while, Owen informed me it was time for bed, and he needed to put on his PJs. There was one small problem with this – Owen doesn’t usually wear pajamas. Before I could stop him, he pulled off his clothes, and entered his tent in nothing but his underoos.

You can imagine the look on Griffin and Ruthie’s face when they came home from school, and discovered their brother running around in his underpants.

“I am playing camp,” Owen announced.

DISCLAIMER: While our family does enjoy camping, NEVER have we ran around in our underpants!

I thought it was the “Theme of the Day” and tomorrow he would be on to something else. I was wrong. A year later, Owen, still plays “camp”.

So, why I was surprised today is beyond me.

Before, I finished the task of emptying the dishwasher, I looked into the living room. And there stood, Owen – with his clothes thrown on the floor, standing in front of the window, looking at the workers – in nothing put his underpants.

Heaven help me.

Only At My House,



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