Summer Reading…or Else

There are some things that just seem to go hand in hand. This would be the case with our local library’s reading program and Summer.

For you see, I live in the same town in which I grew up. As I child, I participated in the reading program at the library each Summer. And while the program has changed slightly over the years, the basic principle remains the same – Encourage reading.

It is a wonderful program. Each child is given a form to record the books they have read. As they work toward their reading goal, they are rewarded prizes. And for those that make their reading goal, they are invited to attend a party, complete with entertainment and prizes donated by local businesses.

My kids really enjoy it.  So, it was no surprise that they were anxious to sign-up earlier this Summer. As we arrived at the library, I was reminded that the program is for all ages – adults can participate too. I usually politely decline, but I had three young cheerleaders telling me otherwise.

Before I knew it, we left the library with a stack of books and four forms – one for each child and one for me.

It isn’t that I dislike reading. No. Actually it is quite the opposite. A good book can consume me. I, however, am not a particularly fast reader.

Nonetheless, I started reading a book, and when I needed to set it down, I inserted a scrap piece of blank paper as a bookmark.

Apparently, Ruthie and Griffin, thought it was a poor excuse for a bookmark and decided to decorate it for me.

Ruthie, decorated her side…

in multi colors, along with the encouraging words:
And along the side it reads:
“I <3 You”

 Griffin decorated his side a little differently…

His side, reads:
“Read or else”
This is then followed by a picture of a skull and crossbones.

Well, I am very happy to report that all four of us have now completed our reading goal!

While there is still time remaining for the reading program, I was starting to get a little nervous. And I can now sleep with both eyes closed again…I think.

Only At My House,



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