Special Day, Special Girl

While May brought the last day of school for us and for many, it also held a very special day. Ruthie made her First Communion earlier this month.

She had greatly anticipated this day and was very excited to fully participate in Mass. I tried my best to make her feel and look special. I helped her get dressed in her bedroom. It was there that I also placed on her veil, necklace, and earrings.

When we emerged, Owen, was the first to see her. And perhaps he said it best, “Ruthie, you look like one of those ladies that is going to get married.”.

Indeed, she did. My little girl looked so grown up.

I fixed her hair…to the best of my abilities. It certainly wasn’t perfect, but she liked it and that is what truly mattered.

Her veil held special meaning (or so I hope). It had previously been worn by myself and my Mother on our special day.

While rain had been predicted for nearly the entire day, the rain showers stopped as we made our way to church.

And for that, we were thankful.

As Mass progressed, I felt a gentle pull. It was almost time for Ruthie to make her First Communion.

“I don’t feel so well. My stomach hurts.”

It turned out she had a bad case of nerves.

“You are prepared for this. You have been preparing for this all school year…”

With that she nodded her head, and moments later received the Body and Blood of Christ.

It was a wonderful day…

that I hope she always remembers.

Also, celebrating that special day was Ruthie’s cousin and classmate, Vann.

And at the exact same time, at a neighboring parish, yet another cousin, Zack, was receiving his First Communion as well.

What a good looking group on such a special day!

Only At My House,


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488 thoughts on “Special Day, Special Girl

  1. Beautiful story, she will treasure it with her memories. I still remember my First Communion Day which was almost 60 years ago.

    1. Thanks, Donna. I am remember my First Communion as well, and the party that followed for Jason and I. It is such a special time, and I hope my children treasure it as much as we do.

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