Soap and Pants

At 4:30 yesterday morning I received a wake up call. It went something like this:

“Mom! I can’t see! I have soap in my eyes.” It was Owen. I could see his small figure standing in the doorway.

“Come here. What do you mean you have soap in your eyes?”

“You did it.”

Now I am completely confused. “What do you mean ‘I did it’?”

“You gave me a bath last night and got soap in my eyes. Now I can’t see anything!”

Oh, you have got be kidding me! Trying really hard not to lose my patience, I said “Well, close your eyes and let me rub them. I am sure that will get all the soap out.”

“It didn’t.”

Of course it didn’t. Now I am not really sure how to remove imaginary soap from someone’s eyes. However, I am going to find a solution,  because I am not getting anymore sleep until I do.  Oh, I know! “Let’s go to the bathroom and rub a wet wash cloth across your eyes. I bet that will help.”

As he turns and starts to walk out the door, he says “Are you coming or not? Let’s go!”.

Well, like magic the wet wash cloth took care of the imaginary soap and I was able to go back to sleep. Mission accomplished.

Before I knew it, it was time to get the kids up for school. Owen looked at his clothes and said “Am I going to Church?”.

“No. You are going to school.”

“Why am I wearing these Church clothes then?”

It was a pair of khaki colored pants and a tee shirt. It was all I could find. I’ve saved almost all of Griffin’s clothes as he has outgrown them. I’d hoped I could pass them down to Owen, but apparently it must have been Summer when Griffin was this size. I have went all through my totes and boxes and I have no long pants that fit Owen. Well, besides the khaki pants that he didn’t want to wear. But considering that is all we had, he went with it.

I picked him up from school and we headed out to pick up a few things. I needed to stop at Walmart and Menards. Since Fall seems to be upon us and Owen is lacking the proper attire, we found ourselves in the dressing room at Walmart. As he was trying his soon to be new pants on, he was getting a little excited. I could almost hear his thoughts. “Yes! These pants fit! Mom won’t have to drag me to anymore stores!” It is at this moment, he began dancing in front of the full length mirror, and then to top it off he pulled out his air guitar. As he proceeded to dance around the dressing room, I had two choices:

1. Stand and watch him.


2. Dance with him.

 I choose the second. We rocked that dressing room like no one else.

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