Snow Day

There are very few things that delight my children more than the first snow of the Winter season.

As my children screamed, “It snowed! It snowed!” one may have thought Santa had made a repeat visit this morning. For this snow was left as they slept, and clearly needed to be played in.

This was about the time I was wishing I would’ve bought them all new snow pants and boots.  What on earth were they going to wear? However, it was time to go church and focus my attention there.

I was not the least bit surprised when we arrived back home where they were headed. But what were they going to wear? Well, as it turned out Griffin wore my snow bibs from 1995 along with my boots. Ruthie wore Griffin’s snow pants and a pair of boots a size to small. Oh, and let’s not forget. She wore my gloves too. And somewhere in this house, we found bibs and boots that worked for Owen.

Yep. They were looking good, and out the door.

They all lasted longer than I thought . But even more to surprise, once some hot chocolate had been consumed and a bath had been taken, they were ready to do it again.

This time they tried their hand at sledding.image

Apparently, Owen’s preferred method of sledding was laying on his brother.


But I do believe…


a good time was had by all…


Regardless of what they had on!

Only At My House,




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