Ranger Strikes Again

Tonight I sent Ruthie and Owen outside to play, while Griffin worked on his homework. I told them to get the dog out of his pen while they were outside.

“Mom! We can’t get the dog out of his pen.”

“Why not?”

“A turkey flew down in his pen and now Ranger is biting him!”

Now keep in mind we have a jack russell terrier, not exactly a breed that is known for their large stature. In fact, I am fairly certain that the dog is smaller than the turkey.

Apparently, the dog is small, but must be mighty. Previously three other turkeys have met their own demise after flying into the dog’s pen. This leads me to believe turkeys have got to be the dumbest animal I have ever seen. My husband will tell you differently.

“Actually, turkeys are really smart…”

“You mean to tell me you really think they are smart? They keep flying in the dog’s pen after seeing one of their own be killed.”

We obviously have a difference of opinion.

Tonight the turkey escaped from the dog before I made it outside.

Ruthie and Owen were able to get the dog out of his pen and as far as I knew everyone played happily outside.

After the kids put the dog up and came in for the night, I said, “So I guess the turkey stayed away from the dog.”.

“No. Actually the turkey flew on top of the straw bales and the dog kept jumping up and biting his tail. He didn’t move though, so it must not have bothered him, right?”

Again, I can’t help but think turkeys fall into the “Dumbest Animal Ever” category. If he flew three feet in the air to get on top of the straw bales, why on earth didn’t he fly another two feet over the fence?

Only At My House,


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