New Year Resolutions

It is the start of a new year, and many may find themselves trying to stick to their New Year resolutions.

While, I myself didn’t make any resolutions it would appear another member of my household has set some goals. I discovered Owen’s 2016 goals as I was going through school papers.

So, spelling may not be Owen’s greatest strength, but I thought this was to sweet not to share.


For those of you who are not capable of deciphering exactly what this states, allow me (and then allow me to add my commentary).

My personal goal: “To learn how to do new tricks in the trees.”
He’s seven and absolutely convinced he is part monkey. Eventually, I will tell him otherwise. 

I want to read: “The Bible”
Now that is awesome. I’m thinking a prayer book may be a more obtainable goal, but the sky is the limit, Buddy. Read On!

I want to learn: “To obey my mother.”
Oh, how sweet. Now that is pretty awesome too…Should I hold on to this as a future reminder?

A new food I want to try: “turkey”
Because clearly, we have NEVER, EVER consumed turkey at our house. {insert sarcasm} Where did this come from?

There you have it. The goals of a seven year-old. I think they are pretty great. I’m envisioning it now. An afternoon of Owen swinging through the trees like he’s never done before, all while eating turkey, reading his Bible, and obeying his mother.

It’s going to be a great year!

Only At My House,


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