Morning Chaos

Some mornings move forward like a well oiled machine, while others fly ahead in a disorganized chaotic motion. This morning would fall into the latter category as would most mornings at our house.

Now it is no secret, I DO NOT DO MORNINGS. And here lately, I think my kids and I are having contest – How late can we start getting ready for school and still make it on time?

So, after hitting snooze several times this morning, I pulled myself out of bed. Griffin was already up. This isn’t uncommon as Griffin appears to be a morning person. He must take after his Dad. He is supposed to get dressed when he gets up and gather his things for the day. After he has done that, he may watch TV or play computer or play DS. I really don’t care. I just don’t want him to wake everyone up in the process.

This morning, however, the TV was on, but no one was watching it. Instead, I found, Griffin, sitting in front of the computer. While he was excited to show me a game that he was playing, I was still trying to wipe the sleep from my eyes. Once I woke up a little more, I realized he wasn’t dressed.

“All right, that is cool, but it’s time to get dressed.”

I proceeded to tell him to close the game he was playing and shut off the TV. I then went to get up my hibernating cubs, Ruthie and Owen. Apparently, they take after me.

“Griffin stop playing the computer and shut it off.”

We moved on to getting dressed for the day. After a couple of wardrobe malfunctions, everyone managed to get dressed. Ruthie’s waistband needed adjusted, while Griffin struggled to tuck in his shirt. Suddenly a sweatshirt became the shirt of choice and the other was quickly discarded onto the floor.

As the kids sat down for breakfast, Ruthie discovered an envelope.

“That is everyone’s school picture order forms. Ruthie, I want you to turn them all in.”

Now there is a reason, Ruthie, was given this responsibility – Griffin would not remember to turn his in. He would have good intentions, yet it just simply wouldn’t happen. After all, this is the same kid that has forgotten his folder almost everyday this week. Yesterday, he did manage to bring his overstuffed folder home. So, while the other kids brought their order forms home earlier this week, I saw Griffin’s for the first time last night. I also saw the mound of papers that had accumulated in his folder. Some of the papers, I believe, were intended to be review for tests that have already been taken. Oh well, to late now. Some day he will remember things – I hope.

In the meantime, however, everyone thought I had a fine idea and the morning routine continued.

“We need to move it, move it, move it!”

Otherwise, we may actually lose the “How late can we start getting ready for school and still make it on time” contest. We may have started getting ready to late to actually make it on time.

So in the midst of combing hair and brushing teeth we reviewed spelling words. We then proceeded to head toward the door.

“Grab your things, get your shoes on, and get your jackets. Let’s go.”

“I don’t need a jacket.”

“Yes, you need a jacket…”

Now how did that just happen? Two kids are in the truck and only one of them has a jacket. Didn’t I just say “You need a jacket?”. Yes. Yes, I did.

Griffin was still putting his shoes on, so I grabbed the remaining jackets and the two of us headed to the truck.

I backed out of the garage, pushed the button to shut the garage door, and I glanced at the clock. Hmm. We aren’t as late as I thought we were. Now this must have been enough to distract me. Instead of putting the truck in drive, I reopened the garage door and continued to coast backwards.

“Umm, Mom?”

“Yes, I know. I am fixing it.”

With the truck now in drive and the garage door closed, we were off.

We arrived at school at 7:47. Hmm, not to bad. We may win that “How late can we start getting ready for school and still make it on time?” contest after all.

With all the kids dropped off at school, I returned home – to find the picture order form laying on the counter.

Only At My House,



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419 thoughts on “Morning Chaos

  1. WOW,Jana you’ve made me tired. It’s a good thing I was a lot younger when I was rushing around with my kids. No way could I do that now.But girl you’ve got a while to go so keep on putting this stuff down in print.And DEFINETLEY MOST DEFINITELY keep on making those wonderful memories.

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