Modern Day Miracle

There are somethings that I dread.

Shopping would be on that list. And clothes shopping, with all three kids? Well, that is at the very top of that list. Yet, that is exactly where I found myself tonight.

I discovered several days ago, Ruthie, no longer has a winter dress that fits. She is in the second grade, and she still wants to wear a dress for Christmas. And I want to comply, for I know this will come to an end all to soon.

I had planned on leaving the boys at home with my husband. He, however, is working late tonight. That simply wouldn’t work.

So, as soon as, Griffin and Ruthie, came home from school, I had them start on their homework. Griffin’s backpack was stuffed full. Ugh. How was he going to get all this done, and allow time for us to go shopping?

“Work on getting as much done as you can. We are going to leave soon.”

An hour later, we loaded up. Ruthie’s homework was done, and put away. Griffin, however, still had homework that wasn’t complete. Plus, he had two tests to study for.

This had bad written all over it. However, I simply didn’t have another day to take, Ruthie shopping. It was now or never.

When I pulled into the parking lot at the store, I realized, Owen, was sound asleep. There was no waking him. I threw his head over my shoulder, and in the store we marched. Owen, proceeded to snore in my ear. Once we entered the store, we discovered they were sold out of Christmas dresses.

Although, we did find a nice sweater for Ruthie to try on. As she did, I laid, Owen, down on the bench in the dressing room. With, Owen, out of my arms I proceeded to get out everything I would need at the checkout. Carrying, Owen, was all I could handle.

As I assigned duties, “Ruthie, carry my purse. Griffin, grab that sweater…”, Griffin made the sweetest offer.

“Mom, if you hand, Owen, to me I can try, and carry him.”

“I appreciate the offer very much, but that wouldn’t work, Buddy. Thank you, though.”

We made it out of the store, and into the parking lot before, Owen, finally woke up.

As I drove to another store, I hoped we would have better luck. However, upon initial inspection, it didn’t look to good. The dresses were obviously picked over. While I expected this, I thought I would be able to find SOMETHING in her size. Ruthie and I, began digging through the clothing racks as the boys ran in circles.

We managed to find two dresses in her size, one of which I pulled off of the display.

“Are you allowed to do that?”

“I am today.”

We grabbed a few more things, and again headed to the dressing room.

I couldn’t believe it! Everything we took into the dressing room fit! That NEVER happens!

As, Ruthie, tried to finalize her decision on which dress to buy, she asked, “Which one is cheaper?”.

She is her Mother’s daughter! I love a good deal.

However, that didn’t help at all. The dresses were the same price, and they were both on clearance. Well, it would suddenly appear there are some advantages to waiting until the last minute.

Ruthie, managed to decide, and we even ventured to one more store. We were able to buy everything that we needed, and then some…AND it all happened to be on sale!

With our list complete, we went to get something to eat. The kids requested Fazoli’s, and that was fine with me. When we entered, I discovered Tuesday is kids night at Fazoli’s, and the kids meals were discounted. Hmm. Who knew?

With our bellies full, we returned home. Griffin, managed to finish his homework, and study for the tests which he’ll have tomorrow. And in the midst of baths, the kids worked on our homemade Christmas cards.

Now this may seem like a normal evening for you, but I am here to tell you this isn’t for me. Never do I go shopping, and find all that I need. Nor do I ever make it through a shopping trip with all three kids without raising my voice. And eating out with three small kiddos by myself, is usually less than relaxing. Yet, somehow tonight it was. And getting, Griffin, to finish his homework right before bedtime is usually a challenge. Although, tonight he seemed to manage just fine. And everyone contributed to our Christmas cards perfectly. They even seemed to enjoy helping!

Well, I have decided this evening was nothing short of a Christmas miracle!

Only At My House,


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