Merry Online Christmas

Buy your Christmas gifts online they said. It’ll be easy they said. It’ll be less hassle they said.

Well, at this moment I don’t recall who “they” were, but I can tell you “they” were WRONG!

For you see, I ordered gifts for all three of my children online. I received a shipping confirmation from each order that I placed. I, however, soon found out that this is completely and utterly useless. I came to this realization when I discovered the items I had requested would no longer be sent to me. This was a problem. The even larger problem? The two items that would not be arriving were for the same child.

While I had purchased a few small items, none of these were anywhere on the cool barometer. We had to do something! We have since reordered a similar item once again with Amazon. When will we learn? And, I forced myself to go shopping for the other missing item. I dislike shopping on a normal day, so throw in the hustle and bustle of last minute shoppers? Totally awesome!

Now somehow I’m not seeing how this was easy or any less hassle. Maybe it’s just me.

Oh, and Amazon? They now state my purchase will arrive tomorrow. I’m beginning to think if it arrives, it may be a Christmas miracle!

Only At My House,

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