Homework Hiccup

Like most parents, I often find myself helping my kids with their homework. However, the form of help Griffin needed a few weeks ago was a bit different than usual. He needed to interview a parent.

“Great! This will be easy.” I thought. I LOVE to tell stories.

However, my initial reaction of how easy this was going to be quickly faded.

He needed for me to recall a time in which someone helped me.

No problem (or so I thought). I told him about when I purchased my first truck.  My parents had assisted me with this process. I then turned to see Griffin’s face. It was then that I realized that a ten-year old boy is not easily impressed.

Because he didn’t like that answer, I recalled when I got my first job and the people that were instrumental in helping me obtain that. While, Griffin, held a pencil, it had yet to move. This answer was obviously unacceptable as well.

“Has anyone ever helped you carry your groceries maybe?”

It was apparent in that moment, that my son thought I was the lamest person ever. I obviously needed to step up my game. After thinking for a brief period, a scene from my childhood entered my mind. I was about Griffin’s age when this next memory took place.

Just like him, I too, was on a swim team. On one particular weekend, our team was hosting a meet. Although I was sick, I still had to go because my parents both had jobs to do (at the meet), and my brothers were swimming. I found myself sitting on a lounge chair by the poolside. At some point, I went to sleep with a cough drop in my mouth. And then I woke up. Unable to breathe! Apparently the cough drop had lodged into my trachea (windpipe). Thankfully my Aunt Donna was right beside me, and she promptly performed the Heimlich maneuver on me.

Now Griffin was sitting on the edge of his seat. “Then what happened?”

“Well, the cough drop went flying onto the pool deck.”

“Really! Is this true?”

“Of course it’s true. Ask Donna.”

And while this is completely true, it was also approximately 25 years ago. The minor details may be flawed. I, however, can still tell you what pool that happened at, and where the cough drop landed.

I can also tell you my first truck or job are obviously unimpressive to my ten-year old. What could have been my near death experience, however? Finally made the pencil move on his paper. And thankfully, I didn’t have to recall another thing!

Only At My House,





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254 thoughts on “Homework Hiccup

  1. I remember this very well too and glad I was there. I remember the time when Jason was just a few months old—–your family was having dinner at our house. Jason was in the baby swing next to the table, we had baked potatoes wrapped in foil and for some reason Jason had a piece of foil in his hands looking at it (I know why would you let a baby have a piece of foil). Anyhow while we was eating I looked over and all of sudden I realized he was in distress, I felt like an idiot and didn’t know what to do. Your Dad grabbed him up and held him by the heels, popped him on the back and out came the foil. I will never forget this.
    So if Griffin needs to write about his grandpa he can use this.

  2. Oh my! I’d never heard that story before. Thank you for sharing it. Also, thank you for being there for me all those years ago!

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