Homework Drama

Homework. Oh sure, it sounds simple enough, but I am here to tell you otherwise.

Homework can be painful, and it can take hours to complete. This is especially true, when the pupil loses focus of the goal at hand.

I have tried several techniques to remedy this problem.

We have tried doing our homework as soon as we get home from school.
“If you get your work done, you’ll have more time to play.”
Epic fail. No instead, what we had was an entire evening of “Get your homework done!”.

We then tried having 30 minutes of “free time” once arriving home, followed by homework. Now this seemed to work for a good while…until recently that is. Thirty minutes of free time (AKA: watching TV – brain turning to a pile of mush) has gradually turned into over an hour. Oh sure, we manage to walk away from the TV, but we still manage to fiddle fart around for an extra 30 minutes before we are ready to work.

I just want the homework done at a reasonable time. Is that to much to ask?

Apparently it is!

Oh sure, every night is not like this. However, it has been a struggle most recently.

Spring Break can not come soon enough!

Unfortunately, we have to survive until then.

So, today I met the kids at the back door when they came home from school. We had the usual, “How was your day?” conversation. And then I told them to throw their backpacks down, change their clothes, and go outside and play. Well, they had to have a snack first, but that was a deal!

And an hour later they still played.

“Mom, you know I don’t have any of my homework done right?”

I was well aware, and a part of me was dreading what lay ahead – homework. Ugh. What an ugly beast.

However, much to my surprise, all of the homework was done shortly after supper. There was no drama… not that we ever have that here. No, instead there was the back door slamming as they ran outside to capture the last of the daylight.

I am considering it a modern day miracle!

…And if by chance, I am wrong, and it was simply due to light homework assignments, I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW!

Less than an hour worth of homework is a modern day miracle I tell you!

Only At My House,


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