Hamburger Happiness

I had a doctor’s appointment today. Two hours before I needed to leave, I found a little boy, sound asleep. And 10 minutes before I needed to walk out the door, I still had a little boy that was sleeping. So, to simplify things I decided to go through the drive thru for lunch.

As I approached McDonald’s I asked the all important question, “Do you want chicken nuggets or a hamburger?”.

The response was a hamburger.

This led to the next question, “Do you want them to leave the pickles and mustard off?”.

He informed me that he had tried mustard once, and he actually liked it. So, this time he wanted mustard, but he isn’t so fond of pickles. They could leave the pickles off.

Shortly after I verified Owen’s order, I arrived at McDonald’s. I placed his order precisely as instructed.

As I drove down the road I began to hand, Owen, his food.

After gobbling down three fourths of his hamburger, Owen said, “Hey! Mommy, there is mustard on here!”

“I know. You asked for mustard, remember?”

“Oh yeah. I forgot that Mommy, but I didn’t ask for rice.”


Suddenly, it occurred to me he was referring to the dried onions on his sandwich.

He proceeded to explain it to me. “I never knew I liked rice. I guess I never really tried it.”

And I didn’t tell him any different!

Only At My House,


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