Flashback Friday

It would appear that I am a little delayed with my posts. Since I am frequently running behind in almost every aspect of my life, why should my blog be any different?

I have decided to post a summary of the last few days, because I am now caught up with all my other tasks.

Who am I kidding? I can’t even type that with a straight face. It is more like this – I have decided to post a summary of the last few days, because I am avoiding my chores like the plague.

Nonetheless here it goes…

Tuesday was a big day at our house. Ruthie’s First Reconciliation was that evening.

Now perhaps you aren’t Catholic and do not confess your sins in this manner. We, however, believe by doing so, we are receiving God’s mercy. For this sacrament, you go before a priest, and confess your sins. The priest absolves you of your sins and gives you a penance to perform. It is a large step in our faith.

Prior to the service, family members would be given the opportunity to go to Confession. I had decided that I would go at that time. I, also, had thought about what I would say once I entered the confessional.

It was quickly approaching our departure time, and I was far from looking ready to go. The boys were running through the house. “Stop it. Someone is going to get hurt,” I said, but the running continued…along with the giggles, which turned into high-pitched screams.

I couldn’t take it anymore!

“Stop it! Stop it right now, before I have more I need to confess!”

Well, that got their attention. Suddenly everyone was in full cooperation mode, and we were headed out the door.

On the way to the church, I reflected on my own First Reconciliation, and to be perfectly honest – I don’t remember it.

We arrived to the church, and I managed to make into the confessional. A short time later, Ruthie, along with numerous other young children, made their First Reconciliation. It was a wonderful service.

On the way home, I said, “I may not remember my First Reconciliation, but I do remember how I feel after I go to confession”.

A voice in the rear of the truck piped up. “It feels good.”

They got it. They understand why this Sacrament is so special. They felt God’s mercy.

I was already feeling a sense of peace after going to confession, and this was icing on the cake…triple icing on the cake. Now if we could just hold onto these moments forever, but life doesn’t slow down.

It was Wednesday evening before I knew it. I suggested the kids go outside and play before it got dark. While the other kids ran outside, Owen, informed me he couldn’t go outside, because he could only find one boot.

“Well, if we put our shoes were they belonged, we wouldn’t have this problem. Let’s start putting away the shoes you threw all over the place, and I am certain we will find it.”

I helped, Owen, put several shoes away before I ran back into the kitchen to check on our supper. Before I could make it back to help, Owen, ran out the back door.

“He must have found his other boot,” I thought to myself. Well, it wasn’t long before I heard a knock at the back door. Owen, can’t reach the door knob, and this is my clue that he needs to come inside or he wants to tell me something on someone.

“Hold on, Owen. I’ll be there in a minute.”

When I opened the back door, I discovered, Owen, standing by the back door patiently waiting…with one boot on and a bare foot…in the forty degree weather! Apparently he thought he may have left his boot outside, so he went to look for it.

“Owen! Come in here, and I’ll help you find it. Now let’s put everything away, and we’ll find it.”

With all the shoes in the proper place, we had yet to find the missing boot. Owen, began to cry, “It’s nowhere!”.

I wasn’t buying it. The boot had to be there. I proceeded to pick up all the things thrown by the back door. As I picked up Ruthie’s backpack, low and behold, there was the missing boot!

“Silly, Ruthie.”

“Now wait a minute, Mister. Who is silly? Ruthie isn’t running around outside in the cold with one boot on.”

The rest of the evening continued without much excitement. Before I knew it, it was Thursday, and I was at work.

Once my work day was done, I went to Walmart. I needed three things. A whole cart full, and one hundred and twenty dollars later, I was on my way home. When I arrived home, I proceeded to carry in my purchases. I put most of the things away, but a sack or two remained on the kitchen table. I would deal with those later.

When, Ruthie, awoke this morning she proceeded to nose through the sacks.

“There is nothing good in here. You bought a bunch of stuff that we don’t need.”

Well, excuse me, Missy. I wasn’t aware that I needed to clear my purchases with a seven-year old!

Later in the afternoon, I picked, Griffin, up from school a little early. He had a well-check at his pediatrician’s office. Before I headed down the road, I glanced in his folder at his progress report. I handed it to him to examine.

“Well, I took a spelling test today, so my grade will change. It will either go up…or down…”

Yes, that is typically how it works, Buddy.

And there you have it. My week thus far.

Only At My House,






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