Drive Thru and Wait

Today was the day I was going to get a lot of things done at home. I had originally been scheduled to work, but was called off. Great! While I had great plans of taking full advantage of my change in schedule, the day actually went like this…

I took Ruthie and Owen to school. Griffin was running a fever yesterday evening and early this morning, so he stayed home with me. While I took, Ruthie, to school I knew she wouldn’t be staying. She needed to see our pediatrician for a skin problem. I had to call to make an appointment, but the doctor’s office doesn’t open until 9:00. So, when she got out of the car it went a little something like this, “…I will  come get you some time today…I don’t know when yet…No, I don’t know if you’ll be coming back to school. I don’t know what time your appointment is yet…”.

Once at home, I managed to get a few things done…and I do mean few. I let Griffin veg out for a little while. Nearly two hours later I convinced him that a shower would be a good idea. I also persuaded him to tackle the homework from the previous evening as more would be coming home with Ruthie.

At 11:00, I picked Ruthie and Owen up from school. Owen was done for the day and conveniently enough, it was also time to leave for Ruthie’s appointment. She has a rash on her upper thighs. And I feel the need to add this disclaimer: She has had long pants on everyday and the affected areas have been covered. Ok, I feel better now. On with my story: Every morning the rash would look better than the previous evening, so I hadn’t called the doctor. However, every evening when the doctor’s office was closed it would flare up. So after dealing with this for nearly a week, it was time to get this checked out.  

She has folliculitis. Of course she does, I knew it all along. Who am I kidding? I have never heard tell of such a thing! Apparently it is the inflammation of a hair follicle and it is treated with antibacterial cream and an antibiotic.

Well, it was a little past noon at this point, so I went thru a McDonald’s drive thru. I paid at the first window and drove to the second window. The man handed out everyone’s food, everyone except mine, that is.

“Mam. Could you pull forward. It is going to be a few minutes.”


Five minutes later, we were back on the road.

Now since I was about to drive right past a pharmacy, I thought I would be wise and get it Ruthie’s prescription filled there. I went through the drive thru. Apparently, I hadn’t learned my lesson yet. I thought this would be easier than going in with three kids. I informed the lady at the drive thru that I would be waiting in the parking lot and to please just call me once it was filled. This seemed easy enough. I saw no point in leaving just to turn around and come back. After just a few minutes my phone rang. Perfect! That was fast…or so I thought.

“Mam, we don’t have enough information for Ruth. Could you pull back around please?”

Why certainly.

“What is her birthdate?”

Now this is an easy enough question, but for the life of me I was drawing a complete blank. I was struggling with the year in which she was born. I was thinking, “Let’s see. Griff was born in 2003, so she would have been born in…”.

“2005, Mom. I was born in 2005.”

Of course she was!

With the information form complete, I pulled forward…again. We sat in the parking lot for another 20 minutes before I was informed that our order was ready.

As I pulled away from the pharmacy for the third time, Griffin informed me he had to go to the bathroom.

You have got to be kidding me! We just sat in a parking lot for 30 minutes and you are just now telling me this?

The remainder of the day proved to be as equally productive unproductive.

Only At My House,




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