Crashing into Motherhood

The adage, “Better late than never”, may very well be my personal motto.

My co-worker recently had a baby. And while I think most people shower expectant mothers with gifts prior to their delivery, I waited until she returned from her maternity leave.

I had recently seen a “Mommy Survival” jar on Pinterest. I really liked the idea, therefore I decided to create my own version. We work in a hospital, so I decided to make it inspired by that as well.

I started with a plastic container…


 And an array of items.


And you guessed it – I carefully placed all the items into the container.


I then created a list explaining the contents of the container.
It read as follows:

Contents and Possible Indications

Pacifier – To keep your little one happy

Advil – For all your aches and pains that may come your way from keeping up with a little one

Mascara – To look good following any sleep deprived nights (because when you look good, you feel good)

Crystal Light with Caffeine – To keep you hydrated & to give you a little pick me up

Baby Wipes – To keep your little one tidy

Germ X – To keep you tidy after using the above item

Target Gift card – Sometimes a little retail therapy is just what the Dr. ordered

M & M’s – When all else fails, chocolate makes everything better

Congratulations, (I have covered her name in the photo below)

~ Jana


This list was then placed on top of the items in the container.

With the inside of the container complete, I then focused my attention to decorating the lid. I created a label for the container. It read as follows:

(Again, I have covered her name) Crash Cart Box

To help you survive every moment of Motherhood,
even if it seems to be “crashing”.


So, there you have it…


  My version of a better late then never, baby gift.

Only At My House, 


P.S. The writing of this blog post took longer than compiling this gift.

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