Christmas Break Wrap-up

As Christmas break comes to a close, I can’t help but to reflect back.

Christmas Eve began my family’s celebrations. We attended mass along with my brothers and their families, my parents, and my Mother-in-law. That is always such a special service. Once mass was over, we headed to my parent’s house as we do every year.

Their house is always the first place in which my children receive gifts. I always find it necessary to remind my children to have good manners. Last year was no exception.

As we drove along, I said, “Now remember, it doesn’t matter what you get, but you need to say, ‘thank you’.”

Previously I have said, “And even if they give you a pile of sticks, it doesn’t matter, you smile and say, ‘thank you’.”

They must have remembered that, because as I began my spiel last year, they interrupted me.

“We know, Mom. Even if they give us a pile of poop, we are supposed to smile and say, ‘thank you’.”

This year, they were given the Reader’s Digest version.

And my spiel wasn’t needed anyway. They loved their gift, but before they could get it they had to put together a puzzle.

 Once all the puzzle pieces were in place, it read “Each family is getting a bouncy cage”.

“A trampoline? We are getting a trampoline?”

They couldn’t have been happier!

As always, we ate to much, played games, and stayed late into the night.

Griffin was the first to spot the loot under the tree on Christmas morning.

He ran to Ruthie’s room. “He came! He came! Come see!”

The two of them then proceeded to run to awake Owen.

“Leave me alone. I am not done (sleeping) yet.”

I decided to carry him to the couch. Surely then he would wake up…

 …or not.

He finally woke up after we had opened all of our individual gifts.

He was still less than thrilled to be awake. The other two, however, were ready to see what was in those big boxes under the tree. Once, Owen, opened his eyes, they discovered Razor Flash Riders.

Again they were more than happy!

As for me, I was thrilled as well. Dan and the kids gave me an iPad!

We ate a wonderful meal at my parent’s house, and was able to visit with several family members. Well, some of us anyway…Owen, fell asleep. I guess, he really wasn’t done sleeping!

We proceeded to go to my Mother-in-laws for supper. Again, more good food, and the chance to visit with family members. And yes more presents. The kids weren’t disappointed there either. We now have tickets for a train ride at French Lick and Scooby Doo Live. They thought that was pretty awesome! And playing with cousins we don’t see that often? Well, that wasn’t to bad either.

Now the next day should have been back to work as usual for Dan. Instead, it became a snow day.

And yet again, my kids couldn’t have been happier!

Once, Dan, cleared the driveway, he attempted to take the kids for a sled ride.

The sled and the four wheeler, however, had a hard time getting through all the snow.

Owen, and I did manage to build a snowman.

While, Griffin, worked very hard at making a snow fort.

And he has continued to work on it every day since, making it bigger and better!

I always enjoy seeing the snowfall, but driving in it is a different story. However, I was scheduled to work the next day. The highway was fine, but getting to it was a different story.

As I drove, Owen said, “Mom, I am scared”.

“You don’t need to be scared.”

“But I am.”

With my knuckles turning white as they grasped the steering wheel, I said, “You don’t need to be scared. Just pray.”

“I don’t know how to pray!”

“Ruthie, start saying a Hail Mary.”

“…Pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.”

And please, Mary, let that hour be later than sooner. Amen.

Well, it worked. We arrived to our destinations without a problem. And once my work day was done, our break continued on.

Tonight as we ate supper, I asked the kids what they enjoyed the most. They all said the same thing.

They had three favorites:

  1. The gifts
  2. Playing in the snow
  3. Spending time with family

…and not necessarily, in that order.

I would say we had a pretty spectacular break!

Only At My House,


*And I am still learning to use my gift. I have some better snow pictures on my iPad, but I have no idea how to post them on here. Apparently, I need an app for that!



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