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Homophone Heartache

This may look like just a simple means of transportation to you.


I will tell you, it is SO much more than that.

We spend a good deal of time in my SUV. It has become the place where we have after school snacks, argue talk, and where weary passengers rest. It also serves as the place to tackle the dreaded stuff in backpacks – homework. Now the real challenge here is motivating and assisting the troops from the driver’s seat.

Laundry at my House

Last week, a wonderful thing happened. However, to fully appreciate what I am about to share with you, I should back up and explain a few things.

For our entire marriage, Dan, has worked in some aspect of agriculture. This is a dramatic change from the environment in which I grew up.

I was raised in town, and only briefly had a pet fish. My Dad worked at Whirlpool in an office (and while he held other positions, this is the one I remember most). His really dirty laundry from work must have meant an ink pen had exploded on his shirt or he had spilt coffee on himself – or so I imagine (I never actually washed my Dad’s clothes). Nonetheless, I was in for a rude awakening once I began washing Dan’s work clothes.

Turmoil and Tears

Unfortunately, tears are not uncommon at our house. Someone is always getting hurt it seems, and this is especially true for Owen. So, last night when I heard a small commotion and tears that followed, I wasn’t completely surprised. Nor was I surprised that, Owen, was the person that had fallen victim to the most recent incident.

Welcoming Fall

According to my calendar, yesterday was the first day of Fall. I, however, didn’t need to look at my calendar to know the changing of seasons was upon us. The shorter days, the crisp air in the morning, the trees beginning to have hints of color, and the combines in the fields are evidence enough for me to realize, like it or not, Fall is definitely here.

This past weekend I decided to decorate my front porch to reflect this new season.

As Ruthie and I began placing gourds and pumpkins on the porch, our young, very inquisitive neighbor came over.

Alcohol and Underpants

I was recently invited to a bridal shower. It was a themed shower – A liquor and lingerie shower to be more exact.

Although I was unable to attend, I still wanted to send a gift. I attempted to browse Pinterest for some inspiration. While I could find plenty of invitations for such a party, finding clever gift ideas proved be a little more difficult. However, I finally stumbled across an idea that I thought would work.

Here is the Pinterest version of this gift:


Crashing into Motherhood

The adage, “Better late than never”, may very well be my personal motto.

My co-worker recently had a baby. And while I think most people shower expectant mothers with gifts prior to their delivery, I waited until she returned from her maternity leave.

I had recently seen a “Mommy Survival” jar on Pinterest. I really liked the idea, therefore I decided to create my own version. We work in a hospital, so I decided to make it inspired by that as well.

I started with a plastic container…


 And an array of items.


A Typical Day Turned Aytpical

Yesterday started off like many other days.

I scrambled out the door with three kids in tow.

I dropped them off at school.

I went to Mass (Okay, let me just say – I do not do this daily, but I do like to go during the week when I can).

I stopped at the grocery for a few things – I am now realizing I forgot to buy the broccoli for the broccoli cheese soup I was going to prepare for supper tonight. Oops!


Mom on the Go

I am like most Moms, I believe.

I own and operate a Mom taxi.

Every day after school there is some place to be.

I find myself spending a great deal of time gathering sports gear, and throwing it in the back of my SUV.

Now you may ask, “Why don’t your kids do this before they leave for school?”

Well, the answer is actually pretty simple – If I want to run any errands during the day, I don’t have room for all their gear in my truck.


A is for Lizard?

Back when I went to school, A was for apple.

It would appear times have changed, and quite possibly the alphabet too. Just ask Griffin…or his swim coach…or even his teacher…A is now for lizard.
No doubt about it!

Perhaps I should explain.

At the beginning of the Summer, Griffin, was BEGGING me for a lizard.
A real one.
And this kid was relentless.

So, out of necessity (and at a moment when I was half listening) we made a deal.
If he obtained an A cut in any swimming event, he could have a lizard.

Wedded Bliss

Today, Dan & I celebrate 14 years of wedded bliss – Just ask him.

Let me back up a pace or two…

I awoke this morning to the phone ringing. It was a call notifying me of a two hour delay at the kid’s school due to fog.

Being that I’m not much of morning person, I then VERY slowly drug myself out of bed and started my day.

Dan had already left for work, and the kids were still sleeping. I opened the curtains to see the fog that I had already heard about.