A is for Lizard?

Back when I went to school, A was for apple.

It would appear times have changed, and quite possibly the alphabet too. Just ask Griffin…or his swim coach…or even his teacher…A is now for lizard.
No doubt about it!

Perhaps I should explain.

At the beginning of the Summer, Griffin, was BEGGING me for a lizard.
A real one.
And this kid was relentless.

So, out of necessity (and at a moment when I was half listening) we made a deal.
If he obtained an A cut in any swimming event, he could have a lizard.

For those of you who do not know what an A cut in swimming is, here is the Reader’s Digest version (to the best of my abilities):
There are time standards in swimming. They are based on your age group and your sex. Age groups typically span two years. An A cut in any event would qualify an individual for A state in that event.

While he improved his times immensely in the pool, he was unable to obtain an A cut. And much to his disappoint (and my relief), this also meant no lizard.

Well, he managed to pull himself together, and before I knew he was back to begging for a lizard.

So, here is our new deal:

He will be in the pool again next week as Fall / Winter swim begins, and my original deal still stands.


Here’s another tidbit about swimming you may not know:
Swimmers age up based on the date of their birthday NOT the season like some sports.

His birthday is in November, and he will age up into the next age group – where the standards are a little harder.

While he will have an opportunity to swim a meet or two in his current age group, any A cuts obtained for this age group will not count for an opportunity to swim at A state. He will have to obtain an A cut for the age he will be at the end of the season to earn a place at A state.

They will, however, count for me!

If he obtains an A cut (based on his age at the time) in any event, he will earn a lizard!

This wasn’t good enough for Griffin.
He has fallen short before, and doesn’t want to take any chances.

So, I came up with a second opportunity.
He has to earn straight A’s on his report card to earn his beloved lizard.

Now he is a good student. I believe he has always found himself on the A-B honor roll.

This is his second week of school…


 and I’m starting to get a little concerned.

And we’ve yet to hit the pool!

And I don’t even like lizards!

Only At My House, 




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