Monthly Archives: November 2014

Homework Hiccup

Like most parents, I often find myself helping my kids with their homework. However, the form of help Griffin needed a few weeks ago was a bit different than usual. He needed to interview a parent.

“Great! This will be easy.” I thought. I LOVE to tell stories.

However, my initial reaction of how easy this was going to be quickly faded.

He needed for me to recall a time in which someone helped me.

Homemade Halloween Happiness

It would appear that sometimes a person can bite off more than they can chew. As Halloween was quickly approaching last week, this appeared to be the case for me (and continues to be so as I am just now sitting down to blog about last week).

This year I had promised my three children that I would make or put together their Halloween costumes. My thoughts of “How hard could it be?” quickly turned to “What was I thinking?”.