Monthly Archives: August 2014

A is for Lizard?

Back when I went to school, A was for apple.

It would appear times have changed, and quite possibly the alphabet too. Just ask Griffin…or his swim coach…or even his teacher…A is now for lizard.
No doubt about it!

Perhaps I should explain.

At the beginning of the Summer, Griffin, was BEGGING me for a lizard.
A real one.
And this kid was relentless.

So, out of necessity (and at a moment when I was half listening) we made a deal.
If he obtained an A cut in any swimming event, he could have a lizard.

Wedded Bliss

Today, Dan & I celebrate 14 years of wedded bliss – Just ask him.

Let me back up a pace or two…

I awoke this morning to the phone ringing. It was a call notifying me of a two hour delay at the kid’s school due to fog.

Being that I’m not much of morning person, I then VERY slowly drug myself out of bed and started my day.

Dan had already left for work, and the kids were still sleeping. I opened the curtains to see the fog that I had already heard about.

Back to School, Back to Blogging


Let me reintroduce myself. My name is Jana. And if you know me, you already know I like to tell stories.

Well now, that just sounds like I’m a liar.
I like to tell long-winded truths. 
Yes, that’s more like it. 

And that is exactly why my blog was born…and then for multiple reasons it has been abandoned for quite some time.

But here is another truth, I miss it.

I miss telling stories truths. And, I miss sharing them with whomever happens to stumble across this.