Monthly Archives: May 2013

Only Owen

It was Ruthie’s special day, not Owen’s.

She was getting ready to make her First Communion. However, Owen, stood by and watched intently as I paraded, Ruthie, around capturing several photos. When I was convinced I had enough photos for the time being, I handed the camera over to Ruthie to place on the kitchen table. I began to turn toward the bathroom to focus on myself for a moment. That is when I heard Owen.

“My turn.”

He stood at the end of the hall with praying hands and began to smile.

Before I could say anything, Ruthie, responded.

Special Day, Special Girl

While May brought the last day of school for us and for many, it also held a very special day. Ruthie made her First Communion earlier this month.

She had greatly anticipated this day and was very excited to fully participate in Mass. I tried my best to make her feel and look special. I helped her get dressed in her bedroom. It was there that I also placed on her veil, necklace, and earrings.

When we emerged, Owen, was the first to see her. And perhaps he said it best, “Ruthie, you look like one of those ladies that is going to get married.”.

We Made It!

I have three kiddos that worked exceptionally hard this school year, and it would appear that their hard work paid off.

Last month, Ruthie, along with many other students, was invited to attend the Academic Excellence Award program.

In order to qualify for this award, each student must have an average of 93% or greater for the first three grading periods. The award is presented by the school corporation. This was the first year for students from the parochial schools to be invited. We were delighted to be able to participate in this event.