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Just Another Manic Monday

As I hit snooze on my alarm this morning, I was reminded of a conversation I had with Owen a couple of weeks ago.

He is usually difficult to wake up, and that particular morning was no different.

Slowly, however, he made his way to the bathroom, where he held his head, and began to explain it to me.

“Mom, you know how the earth spins around the sun and that’s how we get day and night?”


“Well, last night I think it was spinning to fast. I’m still tired.”

Color Me

Ever have an idea that seems great at the time, but later it seems less than desirable?

Well, that is the situation I found myself in this morning.

I had told, Ruthie and my Dad, we would participate in a 5K color run.

It seemed like a fine idea several weeks ago…Before the weather forecast became available…Before I realized they were predicting it to be 38 degrees at race time. Brrr…

Despite the cool weather conditions, we proceeded to the race (with gloves and hand warmers, of course).

This was us, prior to our departure this morning.

Scooby Dooby Doo

Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?
We’ve got some work to do now…

Well, we found, Scooby Doo and the rest of The Gang, tonight.

My mother-in-law, Ann, had purchased tickets for the entire family to attend Scooby Doo Live. The tickets were presented to us as part of our Christmas gift.

Because, Dan, thought his time would best be spent at home, the kids, Ann, and I made our way to the production. Needless to say, we had three very anxious children as we traveled to the theater.

After a pit stop at McDonald’s, we continued on our journey.

Farewell Snowball

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the departure of our beloved goat, Snowball.

Dan purchased the goat several years ago. Ideally, the goat was supposed to keep the weeds down around our pond. While I’m not really sure what Snowball’s diet consisted of, I can tell you, it did NOT consist of weeds!

In addition, in the last year, the goat became more aggressive. He was often seen ramming things with his horns or rearing back on his hind legs and charging forward. In the process, he was tearing up our fence, which separates our backyard from our pond area.

Flexible Spending

Surely, I am not the only person to make silly mistakes.

Let me start at the beginning…

We have a flexible spending account. If you are not familiar with this type of account, it is for medical expenses. A specified amount of money is withheld from Dan’s paycheck, and is placed into this account.

There are several benefits to this. For one thing, the money that is withheld is pre┬átax. As an additional benefit, Dan’s employer matches our contributions to a certain dollar amount.

All of this equates to saving money, which is something that I love.

Morning Time Madness

Sometimes just getting out the door proves to be a challenge at our house. Yesterday was no exception to this.

I worked, so that meant we had to get up early. And, like usual, the clock was moving faster than we were.

Somehow, however, we managed to get ready.

As the kids put on their shoes, I gathered some last minute things. I grabbed my purse and my phone, a cup of water, and a snack for later. Then, I glanced at the clock. Hmm. We weren’t doing as bad as I thought. And then I heard Griffin.

Spring Break 2013

The end of March was Spring Break for our kids. It also was time for a family vacation. This marked our tenth year to travel to Florida for Spring Break.

I suppose when we travel to Florida we do things a little differently than the average family. We camp, and we also take along two kayaks. In addition to our family we were joined by my parents, my brothers and their families. And for the second time, a friend and her family has joined us as well. This is certainly a formula for a good time.

Hamburger Happiness

I had a doctor’s appointment today. Two hours before I needed to leave, I found a little boy, sound asleep. And 10 minutes before I needed to walk out the door, I still had a little boy that was sleeping. So, to simplify things I decided to go through the drive thru for lunch.

As I approached McDonald’s I asked the all important question, “Do you want chicken nuggets or a hamburger?”.

The response was a hamburger.

This led to the next question, “Do you want them to leave the pickles and mustard off?”.

Clean Body, Clean Spirit

It would appear that I have ran a little bit behind again in adding post to my blog. I’m going to try and remedy that today. While I would like to post about our wonderful Spring Break or the departure of our beloved goat, Snowball, I simply do not have time at this point. So, for the moment I will focus on yesterday.