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Homework Drama

Homework. Oh sure, it sounds simple enough, but I am here to tell you otherwise.

Homework can be painful, and it can take hours to complete. This is especially true, when the pupil loses focus of the goal at hand.

I have tried several techniques to remedy this problem.

We have tried doing our homework as soon as we get home from school.
“If you get your work done, you’ll have more time to play.”
Epic fail. No instead, what we had was an entire evening of “Get your homework done!”.

…And Then Reality Sets In

Goals for the day:
1. Go through kids Summer clothes and determine what still fits
2. Clean house
3. Do laundry
And with any luck, hopefully…
4. Start cleaning our camper

…and then reality sets in.

Thus far:
Clothes are thrown all over the place. I am not even sure who tried on what.

And as for the rest of the list…
wish me luck!

Only At My House,



Cake, Cake, and More Cake!

As usual, I am running behind. I had wanted to post most of this weeks ago, but it just didn’t happen.

It is better late than never, right?

Well, I hope so, because here it goes…

We had a combined birthday party for my niece, Maggie, and for Ruthie, and Owen.
The party was the middle of last month.

Don’t judge me. I said I was running behind, remember?

Cake at a birthday party is a must, if you ask me anyway.

Ups and Downs

It would appear I have taken a vacation from blogging. While that is true, I certainly haven’t been taking it easy.

No, instead my time has been filled with other things. Sick kids, cleaning up after sick kids, migraines…

And in spite of all of this, we were able to share some laughs along the way.

Late one evening, Owen, fell victim to a stomach bug. This resulted in frequent trips to the bathroom.