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Out of Control

There are some things that are out of your control.

This was the case last Thursday. It was Ruthie’s birthday. And while I only work one day a week, as luck would have it, my work day fell on her birthday. She seemed OK with it however. Especially after I made treats for her class, and promised I would make her a special meal on Friday. And if that wasn’t enough, the sitter went above and beyond to make her morning special. I was certain my birthday girl was having a great day.

And then my phone rang.

“…Ruthie, says she isn’t feeling well, and she is running a low grade fever…”

I was quickly on the road, thanks to my wonderful manager who readily volunteered to work late for me.

Ruthie deemed it as “the worst birthday EVER”!

In addition to a fever, she had a cough, and she was lacking an appetite. And unfortunately, her symptoms continued into Monday evening, with gradual improvement each day.

So, her birthday came and went. No cake. No special meal. No nothing.

We certainly wouldn’t have chosen to celebrate her eighth birthday in this manner, but sometimes you just have to roll with it.

As I type this, the storm sirens are sounding, and my heart rate is climbing slightly. Yet another thing that is beyond my control.

We purchased a “new” truck tonight, and it is sitting outside.

Why isn’t it in the garage or barn, you might ask. Well, we had a hail storm in the Spring, and we are just now getting are house repaired. Our garage is full of construction supplies. And while our barn is always full, it is, more so this evening. We had an entire trailer full of aluminum siding that needed a home. I really didn’t want to add extra ammunition to my BRAND NEW siding!

So here I sit. Watching the TV, worrying about things that are beyond my control.

Only At My House,


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A House Divided

While some homes have a differing opinion as to which sports team to support that is not the case in our home. Neither, Dan or I, are huge sports fans.

No, our house is divided over something far more serious.

That’s right. Peanut butter. Our house is divided over peanut butter.

In my opinion, crunchy peanut butter is the only way to go.

While, Dan, on the other hand prefers creamy – yuck.

Slowly, I am recruiting more family members to Team Crunchy.

Take that creamy peanut butter!

Nerves of Steel

Today was a little out of the ordinary. Actually, I am not even sure what “ordinary” means. However, today was different because, Griffin, was not at school. He was running a fever yesterday evening, and wasn’t feeling well. This earned him a free pass to stay home with me. Well, sort of…

I had a meeting at 11:30 that I needed to attend. This meant I needed to pick, Owen, up from school at 11:00, and quickly transport the boys to my parents house before I traveled into work. And if I hurried, I just might make it on time.

Bed Head

Now some people would think, Owen, was suffering from a major case of bed head this morning…

…or you might even think he was sporting a mohawk.

He, however, informed me otherwise.

“I am a rock star, Mom!”

Now I am not one to interrupt a good time…so a rock star he stayed (AKA – hair not combed)…all day long!

Work the crowd, Buddy! Work the crowd!

Only At My House,


Kitchen Beginnings

You have to start somewhere…or so I hear anyway.

You see, our kitchen is in desperate need of a remodel. Well, that is my opinion anyway.

The flooring is a beautiful gold pattern.
I have heard this was the style…several decades ago.

The countertops and backsplash compliment the flooring perfectly.
An absolute sign that gold doesn’t always represent victory!

While, the ceiling offers a shiny, reflective quality.
I can’t imagine that was EVER in style.

And who could forget the awesome light fixtures?

The plan is to replace it all…eventually.

Lazy Day

Today was a lazy day. Well, for most of us anyway. While, Dan, went to work the rest of us slept in. There wasn’t a thing on the calendar, and we took full advantage of it.

We ate a late breakfast, and lounged in the living room without a care in the world. We had merely thought about moving. And then the phone rang.

I didn’t recognize the number of the incoming call, but I answered it anyway. On the other end, was a man’s voice. He stated he was going to be Griffin’s basketball coach. He went on to explain, he had received the list of players just this morning.

That’s What I Said

We were all forced to rise and shine, bright and early this morning. Griffin and Ruthie resumed school today. And because I worked, we started our morning even earlier than “normal”.

The sound of my alarm was a reminder that like it or not, Christmas Break had come to a close.

I was dreading getting everyone up, and out the door.

However, Griffin, made the task easy as he woke up on his own. And much to my surprise, Ruthie, awoke without much effort.

Christmas Break Wrap-up

As Christmas break comes to a close, I can’t help but to reflect back.

Christmas Eve began my family’s celebrations. We attended mass along with my brothers and their families, my parents, and my Mother-in-law. That is always such a special service. Once mass was over, we headed to my parent’s house as we do every year.

Their house is always the first place in which my children receive gifts. I always find it necessary to remind my children to have good manners. Last year was no exception.