Monthly Archives: December 2012

O Christmas Tree

I finally did it! My Christmas tree is up, and decorated.

Oh, you may think that isn’t a big deal, but I am here to tell you otherwise.

As I drove the kids to school on Monday, I promised them they could put the ornaments on the tree – The same tree that was still in the box in the middle of the living room.

Owen, chimed in with, “Oh, good. I’ll be lots of help when I get home from school.”

“I bet you will.”

Tough Stuff

Sometimes being the youngest in the family is tough. I have two older brothers, who would disagree, but I know this for a fact.

I was the person they used to test out their fantastic ideas. The time they shoved me into a laundry basket, which was located at the top of the stairs, comes to mind. They told me, “It’ll be just like riding a roller coaster.” Funny thing. I don’t ever remember riding a roller coaster that ejected me and left me tumbling down a flight of stairs.

Improvising at its Best

There are times when you just have to improvise. Perhaps you need a certain tool, and don’t have one or can’t locate it, so you use something else to accomplish the task.

I’ve been known to use a plate as a lid to a pan.

I’ve also found that the scratchy side of a sponge is great for scrubbing potatoes. I would, however, advise that it be a clean sponge, and not one you just finished cleaning your bathroom with.

Just Another Day

I had grand visions of getting my house thoroughly cleaned yesterday. I also wanted to put up my Christmas decorations this weekend.

The reality is – I managed to sort through all of the clutter, so that I could clean. And by the time I was done doing that, I only had enough time and energy to clean a bathroom.

The same bathroom that, Owen, was just in.

“Mom! I accidentally peed on my shirt.”

“Well, put it in the dirty clothes, and get a clean one.”

Moments later…