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Jana’s Elves

We have all heard that there are elves at the North Pole. But, did you know there were elves at my house too? That is right! There were elves at 101 North Polk Street this year.

This is a busy time of year for everyone. There is so much to do. I, however, was stopped dead in my tracks last weekend when I became ill. As I tried to recover, the to-do list continued to grow. In addition, my illness left me weak. I have NEVER had such difficulty getting over an illness. I am just now getting back to “normal”.

Santa’s Sleigh

Our Christmas cards this year were truly a labor of love.

Last year the kids and I created our Christmas cards. You can view them on my post titled, “Christmas Cards of the Past”. The kids fingerprints were used to create snowmen.

I really enjoyed making the cards last year, so I decided to do it again this year.

As I searched for another idea, I came across several images for fingerprint cards. I knew I had found the “winner” when I came across a picture of Santa’s sleigh being pulled by reindeer. It was perfect! I found the idea for this year’s card at

Rudolph Lost his Nose

Sometimes just getting started is the hardest part. This is true for Owen this week.

Getting him up for school has been a bit of a challenge – thankfully, he only goes three days a week!

The fun began on Monday morning. It was pajama day at his school. I thought he would be excited. I was wrong.

“Owen, you have to get up. Its pajama day. Aren’t you excited?”



“No. I don’t want to wear my pajamas to school. That would just look silly! Everyone will laugh at me!”

Interior Design – Boy Style

Not a creature was stirring…

Well, no one was supposed to be stirring last night, but that didn’t stop them. The boys were in their bedroom, but they certainly were not asleep. As I sat in the living room, I could hear them moving about in their room. In addition, there was the occasional whisper.

After a few minutes, however, the noise lessened and then eventually it stopped all together. At that point, it seemed an investigation was no longer warranted.

Although, when I went to bed, I looked in on all the kids. That is when I discovered what the boys had been up to.

The Not So Planned Weekend

Sometimes the best laid plans go astray.

Have you heard that before? Well, I certainly have, and unfortunately, it describes my weekend, and the past several days perfectly.

I worked on Thursday, and towards the end of my shift, I began to get a headache. No big deal. I’ll take something, and be as good as new…or so I thought.

I had made a mental list of everything that needed to be done this weekend. I needed to finish making our Christmas cards, mail them, finish any last minute shopping…

Modern Day Miracle

There are somethings that I dread.

Shopping would be on that list. And clothes shopping, with all three kids? Well, that is at the very top of that list. Yet, that is exactly where I found myself tonight.

I discovered several days ago, Ruthie, no longer has a winter dress that fits. She is in the second grade, and she still wants to wear a dress for Christmas. And I want to comply, for I know this will come to an end all to soon.

I had planned on leaving the boys at home with my husband. He, however, is working late tonight. That simply wouldn’t work.

Monday Morning Mania

It is no secret. I don’t like mornings.

Monday mornings are most likely my least favorite. I have a hard time getting everyone back in their routine.

This morning I didn’t just have a rough time. I failed. Miserably.

As everyone was getting dressed, Griffin, informed me he couldn’t find his belt. The same belt that he discovered was missing yesterday. The same belt I told him to look for, so he would know where it was today.

What is it with my kids and their belts anyway?

Christmas Cards of the Past

Last year the kids and I created our Christmas cards.

Each child created a snowman with their fingerprints. Now I would like to claim I came up with this idea all on my own. However, I did not. I was looking for an easy idea for Christmas cards, and I found several pictures of fingerprint snowmen all in a row. What a terrific idea! We can do that! Or so I thought…

However, our snowmen certainly weren’t all in a row. Plus my kids began smudging extra spots onto the cards.

December Shopping

After attempting to make a quick shopping trip, it is official – I would like to place myself in voluntary seclusion.

However, that won’t happen. I still have gifts to buy.

Heavy traffic, and long lines at the check out make it nearly impossible to make a shopping trip quick this time of year. No in fact, I think a quick shopping trip in December is an oxymoron.

It can’t happen.

And do not get me started on Walmart. I swear that place has time warp capabilities. How on earth was I in that store an hour?

Truly Only At My House

There are some things that I know for certain only happens at my house.

I was beginning to prepare supper when I looked out the kitchen window. Normally it is a beautiful view.

Now, this picture was taken quite some time ago, and I was actually standing outside when I took it…but you get the general idea. I get to see the most beautiful sunsets.

Tonight, however, the sun wasn’t setting just yet, but something else caught my eye.

We refer to the area in the picture as our pasture area. There is a fence surrounding this portion of our yard, and over the years it has housed various animals.