Monthly Archives: November 2012

They’re Here!

It was Saturday evening, and I was running behind as usual. Dan was gone, and my parents offered to take the kids and I for dinner.

They were supposed to arrive at our house after 4:30 mass. So, by my calculations, they should get to my house at 5:35. We weren’t completely put together when I heard a truck pull in the driveway. It was only 5:15. Wow! That must have been a short mass I thought to myself.

“They’re here! Boys, put your shoes and jackets on. Open the back door, and let them in. I still have to finish Ruthie’s hair, and mine!”

Future Chef?

It isn’t uncommon to see young children get attached to certain items. However, while most children cling to soft blankets or a favorite stuffed animal, Owen, carted around plastic pieces of food.

He stole obtained the items from his sister’s “kitchen stuff”.

As I recall, when he was two, he began packing around a plastic donut. I thought it was phase that would pass. I was wrong.

I can still picture his treasured, Donut. It was tan with chocolate icing on top.

Fall Fun

Fall brings many things that are exclusive to the Season. Pumpkins, cooler temperatures, and the changing colors of the leaves are among the things that come to mind when I think of Fall. Yet for some at my household, the best part of Fall is the leaf piles.

I was away from home this past Friday, and when I awoke on Saturday, I was informed that I had missed a wonderful night.

“Dad made the hugest leaf pile EVER, and then he roasted us marshmallows! You have to look at the pictures! It was so much fun…”

Little Boy, Big Name

Owen and I started a conversation a week ago, and it has continued to come up in discussion ever since.

“When I get bigger, you will have to change my name.”

“Why? Do you not like your name?”

“I like it fine, but it is a little boy’s name. When I get bigger I will need a BIG boy’s name.”

“Oh, OK. Did you have a name in mind?”

“Yes. Pike.”

“You want to be called Pike?”

“No! P-ike!”

“I am not sure what you are saying.”

“Listen closely. P-ike.”

Saint Joan of Arc

Today is All Saint’s Day. In honor of this day, Ruthie, was assigned a very special project. She had to choose a Saint, create a poster, and come up with an outfit which would help her represent that Saint. Later today, she and her class will have a short presentation to share what they learned.

Ruthie, choose, Saint Joan of Arc, for her Saint project. As, Ruthie, prepared her poster, I learned some interesting facts about her chosen Saint.