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Where is the Lighter?

In an effort to be helpful, I had volunteered to watch my three nephews on Saturday night. The plan was for me to get them once mass was over that evening. Dan, was at work, so I was on my own. No problem. We had made it home from the second soccer game of the day, was able to have a little down time, and then we proceeded to get ready for church. Everyone was ready, almost on time, and I even remembered our offertory envelope. Dan usually grabs it, so after I managed to get three kids ready and I remembered to pick it up, well, I was just impressed with myself. 

Owen Said

Kids say the funniest things, and Owen is no exception to this.

On Saturday morning, I awoke to him running through the house yelling, “The Witch Fairy came! She really came! The Witch Fairy left me a dollar, a whole dollar! Mom! Mom! She came!”

“Who came?”

“The Witch Fairy, I mean the Fairy Tooth.”

“You mean the Tooth Fairy?”

“Yeah. Her. Sometimes I forget her name.”

On Sunday afternoon, Owen found himself using a porta potty. I let him go into the porta potty by himself, but after he didn’t emerge several minutes later, I entered. I found him looking at the toilet seat and at both sides of the seat.

The Case of the Missing Belt – Solved!

Nearly a week ago, I reported that Ruthie’s belt was missing. After an exhaustive search I had concluded the belt grew legs and took up residence in another home. Because a belt is part of her uniform for school, she was given a braided black belt to use. This was all fine and dandy, until she came to me and said, “Mom, I can’t find my belt.”.

You have got to be kidding me! This is the second belt in less than two weeks that has gone missing.

“Well, you better get to looking, because I don’t have another one.”

School Picture Day

I knew this morning was going to be a little hectic. School pictures were today and in addition to that, I worked yesterday. The morning after not being home all day is always a little interesting. School books are likely not where they belong, planners may not be signed, and my kitchen is usually in need of some attention. Because I have been down this road before, I called home last night in an effort to avoid this situation.

“…Practice your spelling words. And, Ruthie, lay out what you want to wear for school pictures…”

Who doesn’t have a train whistle on their potty?

I mean, you never know when you may want to whistle.

Only At My House,


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Highlights from Last Week

It has been awhile since I posted anything. These are the highlights from last week…

A week ago as my children were getting ready for school, Ruthie asked, “Where is my belt?”.

“Well, where did you put it when you took it off on Friday?”

“I don’t remember.”

I suggested she look under her bed, in her closet, in the laundry room, in the bathroom, and various other places. The search ended with no belt. It was now time to leave for school, so I handed her a unisex belt that I keep for such emergencies. She put it on and out the door we went. I told her I would continue to look for her belt as I did laundry and various other chores. I, however, did not find the belt. 

Rainy Evening at Home

As the rain was coming down outside, my kids were inside running around. So in an effort to avoid a collision of small children, I had a suggestion.

“Let me finish cleaning up the kitchen, while you read your library books. Griffin or Ruthie you can read to Owen. When we are done we can play hide and seek.”

They thought this was a fine idea and so off they went.