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Sweet Rewards

A job well done is great, but a reward to go along with a job well done is even sweeter. And apparently, several businesses think so too, as they reward students for “A”s on their report cards.

Now to fully appreciate this story, we have to go back to last school year. Griffin was in second grade.

While he did really well in reading, his eye for detail was lacking. Most of the questions for reading were multiple choice. However, the last two questions required the answer to be written in sentence form. When answering these questions, he almost always neglected to capitalize the beginning of his sentence or to put a period at the end of the sentence. So regardless of his answer, it was marked incorrect. Due to these errors, he received a “B” on almost every reading paper.

Brotherly Love

This past weekend I was reminded of a lesson I learned long ago. You see, growing up I was the youngest in the family. I have two older brothers.

 When placed in this environment you quickly learn two things: 
1. how to take
2. how to dish it out.

Which brings me to Saturday – it was the end of the soccer season for my children. My Mom was kind enough to invite us over for lunch in between my kid’s games. While there, my brother made an announcement.

Morning Chaos

Some mornings move forward like a well oiled machine, while others fly ahead in a disorganized chaotic motion. This morning would fall into the latter category as would most mornings at our house.

Now it is no secret, I DO NOT DO MORNINGS. And here lately, I think my kids and I are having contest – How late can we start getting ready for school and still make it on time?

The Bun Hawk

After, Ruthie, came home from school on Wednesday, I took a close-up picture of our masterpiece – the Bun Hawk.

The hair buns fell a little bit during the course of the day, but all and all, the hairstyle held up pretty good.

It was the perfect hairdo for Wacky Wednesday.

Thanks goes out to for the idea!


*To see what it looked like before she left for school, look at the post titled “Wacky Wednesday”.



Wacky Wednesday

This is Red Ribbon Week. Each day is assigned a different theme. Monday was “Follow your Dreams” and the school children wore their PJ’s. Tuesday all of the kids wore their red uniform shirts for “Wear Red Day”. 

Today, however, is my kids’ favorite day! The theme for today was “Color My World Drug Free”. Students were allowed to dress wacky and in colorful clothes.

Griffin wore a clown wig, a soccer sock, a sock with a penguin on it, one school shoe, and a soccer cleat.

Ranger Strikes Again

Tonight I sent Ruthie and Owen outside to play, while Griffin worked on his homework. I told them to get the dog out of his pen while they were outside.

“Mom! We can’t get the dog out of his pen.”

“Why not?”

“A turkey flew down in his pen and now Ranger is biting him!”

Now keep in mind we have a jack russell terrier, not exactly a breed that is known for their large stature. In fact, I am fairly certain that the dog is smaller than the turkey.

Creative Answer

The question was, “Are all physical activities good for your body? Explain.”.

My son’s response was, “No because foot(ball) is not good for a 99 year boy.”.

Well, apparently that was not the answer that was written in his health textbook and his response was incorrect. I, however, have to agree with him. It would not be wise for a 99 year old man boy to play football. While, it was still wrong, I thought the answer was wonderfully creative. It brought a smile to my face, and a few chuckles too.

Only At My House,


Fall Break

In my mind, I have a well calculated schedule. In reality, however, everything on that schedule takes considerably longer than I thought, and I am always running five paces behind despite my best effort.

This past weekend a nearby campground held their annual Fall Halloween Festival. We have went for the last several years. It is a weekend that is full of activities for the kids and it is something they always look forward to. In years past, I have taken, Griffin and Ruthie, out of school a little early to start our weekend. This year, however, the camping trip and their Fall Break overlapped. The kids were actually out of school on Friday. In my mind, that meant we could leave around 10:00 AM. However, this is the part were reality sets in.

Photos by Ruthie

When you ask your seven-year old to go outside and take pictures of your chickens, you get several lovely pictures to choose from.

And you also get…

Only At My House,


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