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Dear Migraine

Dear Migraine,

You suck! You suck the life right out of me. You come at the most inopportune time. You don’t ask if I have plans before your arrival. You just barge into my life like a thief in the night and you stay like an unwelcome house guest. When I hear my little one say, “I just want to say ‘Hi to Mommy” before being ushered away with “No. We have to leave her alone.”, it makes me sad. He is the one I want at my side, not you. You keep me curled up in the fetal position, holding my head, just praying the pain will stop. If I dare to move, you bring me to my knees in the bathroom. You suck! You are no friend of mine. 

Getting Out The Door

Some days just getting out the door is a challenge. Today was one of those days. I attempted to awake everyone, but no one budged. Of course not. I was running five minutes behind and no one was moving.

After the second wake up call, Ruthie emerged and started getting ready. The boys, however, didn’t budge until I announced we were leaving in five minutes. Griffin started getting dressed. I suppose he decided it may be best to show up at the sitters fully dressed. Owen, however, could of cared less. Have you ever tried dressing a wet noodle? A squirmy, uncooperative, wet noodle? Well, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty, but we got the job done.

Soap and Pants

At 4:30 yesterday morning I received a wake up call. It went something like this:

“Mom! I can’t see! I have soap in my eyes.” It was Owen. I could see his small figure standing in the doorway.

“Come here. What do you mean you have soap in your eyes?”

“You did it.”

Now I am completely confused. “What do you mean ‘I did it’?”

“You gave me a bath last night and got soap in my eyes. Now I can’t see anything!”

Sundays At My House

Sundays at my house mean sleeping in…until 7:15 and discovering my eight-year old is already awake. The TV is on and his nose is shoved into his DS. Standing in front of the TV, I say, “Hey, Grif. Good Morning.”

“Hey. I was watching that.”

“I wasn’t aware that you could play DS & watch TV at the same time.”

“It is my style.”

“Well, your style is going to turn your head into mush.”

An Afternoon with Owen

The other day, I picked Owen up from Pre-K. When we arrived at home I proceeded to look through his folder and admire all of his hard work.

“Owen, did you cut these squares out yourself?”

“Yes! Yes, I did!”

“Well, that is awesome! I am so proud of you!”

“AND, I didn’t even chop of any fingers! See?” He proceeds to show me both hands with his fingers extended.

Well, that is even more fantastic, Buddy!

He was done looking through his papers and was ready to move on to the next thing.

The Aftermath

I don’t mind going to work. Actually for the most part I enjoy it.

It is the aftermath that I fear…

…the dishwasher that needs to be emptied, the sink full of dirty dishes, jelly smeared ALL over my kitchen – and that is no exaggeration, on the floor, on the table, on the counter…

I haven’t bothered to look in any other rooms and if I’m wise, I’ll keep it that way!

Only At My House…


Spelling Test

Only At My House…

My son, Griffin, is in the third grade. He does really well in school, but it doesn’t come easy to him. He works very hard for the grades that he earns, which in turn means we work very hard.

Studying for spelling tests can be torturous. Between his lack of concentration and my dwindling patience, it can be a bit challenging to say the least. This morning was no exception. His test was today and we needed to go through his spelling words. Griffin told me the previous evening he knew them. However, after getting halfway down the list it was clear, he did not. I tried everything to get him to remember his spelling words, short of doing a song and dance. Oh, who am I kidding? I did that too!

Home Organization

This is the bench that was going to keep my house nice and tidy.

And yet, this is the reality.

Only At My House…


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Running On…

Only At My House…

I am a runner. Well, that is not exactly true. The truth is I was a runner and would like to be again. I ran cross country in middle school, high school, and college. And in more recent years, I have ran but very sporadically. Mostly I have ran after my kids. I ran them to school, to soccer, to swim practice….You get the idea.

I Did It!

Only At My House…

I had this crazy idea that I would start a blog. There was one small obstacle. I know NOTHING about computers. No problem. That is what Google and YouTube were made for, right? Well, surprisingly much of what I found was way over my head. I thought a dashboard was something in your car and that a plug-in was another word for an electrical outlet. Google and YouTube told me otherwise.

I have stayed up late for the last several evenings trying to get this up and running. So nearly four days after I began this quest, I am finally launching my blog. Is it perfect? No. Not even close. Is there room for improvement? Absolutely. Yet, life as I know it continues on.