Snow Day

There are very few things that delight my children more than the first snow of the Winter season.

As my children screamed, “It snowed! It snowed!” one may have thought Santa had made a repeat visit this morning. For this snow was left as they slept, and clearly needed to be played in.

This was about the time I was wishing I would’ve bought them all new snow pants and boots.  What on earth were they going to wear? However, it was time to go church and focus my attention there.

New Year Resolutions

It is the start of a new year, and many may find themselves trying to stick to their New Year resolutions.

While, I myself didn’t make any resolutions it would appear another member of my household has set some goals. I discovered Owen’s 2016 goals as I was going through school papers.

So, spelling may not be Owen’s greatest strength, but I thought this was to sweet not to share.


For those of you who are not capable of deciphering exactly what this states, allow me (and then allow me to add my commentary).

Merry Online Christmas

Buy your Christmas gifts online they said. It’ll be easy they said. It’ll be less hassle they said.

Well, at this moment I don’t recall who “they” were, but I can tell you “they” were WRONG!

For you see, I ordered gifts for all three of my children online. I received a shipping confirmation from each order that I placed. I, however, soon found out that this is completely and utterly useless. I came to this realization when I discovered the items I had requested would no longer be sent to me. This was a problem. The even larger problem? The two items that would not be arriving were for the same child.

Peacemaker, Cookie Eater, & Mom

I had three kids at school when it happened. I suddenly noticed that only two cookies peanut butter cookies remain. Oh, what should I do?


Well, it took all of 1.5 seconds to decide I should eat them of course! So, at 9:15 A.M., I found myself poking cookies in my mouth to avoid any after school arguing.

Yep. I’m totally going with that.

Well, that and I was washing dishing at the time I spotted the container of cookies. So, it was more about me keeping peace in my household and cleaning. It had NOTHING to do with me wanting cookies.

Superhero, Super Awesome

I try. I really, really do. However, the more I try, the more it becomes apparent that “Super Mom” I am not. I could have really used some super powers last night too.

The kids and I arrived home from swim practice at 6:30. We needed to hit the ground running so to speak. We had a lot to do and a short amount of time to get it done.

Keeping it Real

House not on display.
Well lived in.
Enter at your own risk.

I’m considering hanging this on both my front and back door. While I don’t usually have a spotless house, it’s normally tidy…or at least I like to think so.

However, I have lost several several days weeks actually to dreaded migraines.  So, to say I’m a little behind, would be an understatement.

I think I am finally on the mend. Fingers crossed! This is after having weekly migraines that would last a couple of days, and the most recent episode that lasted almost a full week. During each of these migraines I was completely down and out.

Everyday Life, Everyday Circus

Everyday at my house is a circus, and this morning was no exception.

While it first appeared that we were actually running ahead of schedule, it didn’t take long for that to change. No in fact, all it took was the casual mention of a circus that had taken place this past weekend, which our family had NOT attended. Almost instantly, my youngest was having a high speed come apart.

“What? We missed it! I LOVE the circus!”

Homework Hiccup

Like most parents, I often find myself helping my kids with their homework. However, the form of help Griffin needed a few weeks ago was a bit different than usual. He needed to interview a parent.

“Great! This will be easy.” I thought. I LOVE to tell stories.

However, my initial reaction of how easy this was going to be quickly faded.

He needed for me to recall a time in which someone helped me.

Homemade Halloween Happiness

It would appear that sometimes a person can bite off more than they can chew. As Halloween was quickly approaching last week, this appeared to be the case for me (and continues to be so as I am just now sitting down to blog about last week).

This year I had promised my three children that I would make or put together their Halloween costumes. My thoughts of “How hard could it be?” quickly turned to “What was I thinking?”.

Busy Ways Equals Lazy Days

Some days are just busier than others.

We have all been there, running around trying to get specific tasks done in a short amount of time. That is exactly where I found myself yesterday.

After dropping the kids off at school, I ran some quick errands before a scheduled haircut. Once I returned home, I changed clothes to begin the much neglected, and the much dreaded yard work.

I started with picking up sticks and branches and dragging them to the burn pile. A short {insert sarcasm} hour later I was done. Next, I had to get gas, so that I could mow the yard. It just so happens the gas station is right next to Dairy Queen (that I may or may not have stopped at).